Real Estate Transactions

Access to prominent brokers in the New York market
Over the years, we have established business relationships with some of the key players in the real estate industry. These connections give us and our clients access to some of the most lucrative deals and investment opportunities in the United States. Furthermore, we can address the unique needs of the foreign buyer by creating the most tax beneficial structure for the real estate purchase.

Locating residential or commercial property
We are intimately familiar with all neighborhoods in Manhattan which are appropriate for investment purposes. Our typical client is a foreign buyer, and we guide them through all phases of the acquisition process.

Setup of optimal ownership structure
Each of our client’s has unique needs. We take this into account when recommending to hold real estate in personal name, or through a corporation or through a partnership.

In addition, many of our clients sell real estate situated in the United States. These transactions quite often affect the client’s residency status, as well as possibly affecting the client’s trust and estate planning. In addition, there is substantial tax withholding required by FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Estate Property Tax Act)imposed on the sale of a foreigner’s sale of real estate.

We assist foreign sellers to reduce, or even eliminate this tax burden by analyzing documentation provided to us and submitting this information to the Internal Revenue Service.

Assistance with mortgage financing.
We have extensive experience in obtaining mortgage financing for “problem” cases involving foreign nationals, low income and low assets cases, etc. Through our extensive connections in private banking and constant search for “the best deals” in private banking financing and with our experience in dealing with unusual circumstances, we have been able to get deals done which had been considered impossible.