Our story

From our beginnings three decades ago as a tax preparation and business advisory service for foreign nationals, Protax Services has grown into an international firm with a particular emphasis on solving tax related issues for a high net worth clientele.

With offices both in New York and Miami, and an extensive network of business associates throughout the world – in Russia and other former CIS states, Switzerland, the U.K., and other European Union countries – we are able to tap into our long term relationships with key players in a number of U.S. and foreign banks, law firms and real estate concerns.

As a highly specialized multifamily office, Protax Services is well equipped to provide you with an interdisciplinary approach to tax and business consulting, and designing overall tax structures. Our in house staff and our numerous business and legal associates will help you navigate not just bookkeeping, accounting and tax filings, but also the entire range of determining tax domicile, litigation support, immigration and visa matters through trust and estate planning.

In addition, we can assist you with all aspects of real estate acquisitions, including negotiating real estate financing (which is of particular interest to foreign nationals who do not yet have a credit history in the U.S.), property management services for rental properties, and the final sale of the property.

Our staff has extensive experience in accounting and auditing, tax audit representation, implementing advanced bookkeeping systems, providing dependable property management services, domestic and foreign taxation of individuals and companies, and real estate transactions. We supplement our expertise by acting as liaison with legal counsel for immigration and trust and estate work. We are able to offer our services in English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, and Spanish.

Thus, Protax Services is an appropriate strategic partner for family offices and nontax professionals who specialize in high net worth individuals both in the U.S. and abroad and want to work with a boutique firm. Clients are typically referred to us by other clients who have been highly satisfied with our approach and with our results.

Many of our clients who came to us initially for assistance with complex accounting and tax issues or consulting regarding tax disputes have stayed with us to help them with their everyday business and tax related activities. Our numerous client relationships spanning twenty years or more attest indicate a high degree of satisfaction in our ability to solve the most difficult problems in an efficient and discreet manner. Looking to the future, our clients feel comfortable in working with us to help them with their ongoing issues, and to adapt to a changing world with new U.S., European, and Russian regulations for global asset and income disclosure.