Other Services

Help with obtaining licenses

Prior to starting a new business it is required to obtain various licenses and permits depending on the type of business which you are planning to operate. We help our clients determining which particular licenses they need to conduct their business and assist them in obtaining them. These licenses include but are not limited to: liquor license, cabaret license, bottling permit, cater’s permit.

Trade mark registration

To register a trademark correctly it is essential to understand all the steps of this formal procedure in order to avoid disputes and problems in the future. The preparation of all needed documentation can be a time and effort consuming job which we can help you complete ensuring that all formal requirements are met.

Certified translations and apostille services

Protax offers an array of document preparation and processing services including apostille, authentication of documents and certified translations. An apostille is used by foreign governments to assess the authenticity of an official signature. It is only recognized by countries who have signed the Convention of the Hague. For those countries who are not signatories, the Department of State attaches a certification. Protax is able to prepare apostille and certification for any type of document for use in the U.S.

Authentication or legalization of documents is required to be recognized valid in the U.S or other foreign countries.

Our multilingual translation experts will translate and certify any documents in the following languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Hebrew.

Preparation of business plans

Creative ideas backed by a solid business plans with realistic estimates have a greater chance of attracting investors and surviving in the highly competitive market conditions today. You can find support from our experts in business and finance to ensure that your new business concept is viable. We will advise you on your business plan and help you improve its week spots.

Assistance with insurance coverage

Knowing your individual needs and requests we are able to find you an optimal coverage for the best available rates.¬†We have worked with our clients to provide them various types of coverage which includes but is not limited to life & annuity coverage, health coverage, property & casualty coverage, liability coverage, general liability coverage, credit coverage, automobile coverage. If you need professional help with finding the best coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact us.