Legal Support

Assistance with legal issues
Expertise is required to guide taxpayers who are becoming U.S. tax residents. We can provide that support. Since Protax works with a wide range of law firms, from sole practitioners to large law firms, we can assist in selecting the most appropriate attorneys for their legal needs, such as real estate acquisitions, corporate matters, litigation, tax, and trust and estate issues. Protax Services gathers necessary documents and information, which allows attorneys with high billing rates to concentrate on the most important aspects of the client’s case, instead of accumulating billable hours performing lower level work. Such approach is also used in immigration issues and has been proven to be time and cost efficient.

Litigation support
Based on our assessment we recommend the most appropriate attorney for each case. In some cases, we select a sole practitioner, who typically charges lower billing rates. Working in conjunction with, and directed by a high profile negotiation and deposition team consisting of very experienced attorneys, our approach enables us to achieve maximum results with lower costs.

Our in house counsel prepares various corporate documents, shareholder agreements and statements of ownership. If we consider it appropriate for their circumstances we function as their liaison with major law firms handling more complex cases.