Bookkeeping Services

Fixed-Fee Bookkeeping Services
For those businesses which wish to avoid the expense of hiring a full time or even per diem bookkeeper, we stand ready to help. Utilizing QuickBooks software and a secure connection, we can accept transactions for processing on a regular basis. The client is billed on a quarterly basis, and knows in advance how much his or her costs will be.

Paperless and Real-Time Bookkeeping
Tech-savvy businesses often wish to maintain their records in digital format. All invoices or other records of transactions can be transmitted electronically and inputted into a live general ledger by the next business day.

Bill Payments
Each company can be assigned a relationship manager. This manager keeps a detailed spreadsheet of recurring and periodic invoices which need to be paid on a timely basis, and is often done in conjunction with our property management services.

Client Access to Records
We can enable the on-the-go business owner to access records from any mobile device. Many of our clients are familiar enough with QuickBooks software to be able to filter and generate relevant business reports using their online access.