Accounting Services

Preparation and presentation of business information 

Major investment decisions made by creditors and investors are based on the findings reflected in financial statements of the company. For this reason it is essential to be able to present accurate information regarding your company’s performance and financial position.
We have in depth knowledge in assembling and presenting financial information about various businesses to creditors and investors.

Preparation of assets and liabilities statements

Many clients need to present verifiable information indicating their assets and liabilities at a given point in time. This information is used in pre-immigration tax planning and loan and mortgage applications. In addition, this statement can help determine whether a client may qualify to file a Non-Resident Tax Return even after the change of his or her immigration status to that of a U.S. permanent resident.

Review of books and records

Having a CPA review your books and records can greatly help you attract new investors and lenders to invest into your company. Our team has CPA’s with years of experience in giving expert opinions and reviewing the financial statements for our clients.