Consulting Services

We are offering a wide range of business consultancy and project management services to our international clientele via N.E.E. Consulting.

N.E.E. Consulting is a consultancy firm in the greater New York City area established in 1990. It is a full service consulting firm working with a variety of corporate and non-corporate clients to assist them on resolving issues related to sales and marketing, accounting, investment, legal policies, and public relations.

N.E.E.’s clients come primarily from foreign businesses and individuals having or conducting business in the United States who require private business, accounting and investment assistance, and increasingly, artistic and media related consultancy services. N.E.E.  Consulting offers a broad range of consulting services to its clients, and consistently provides superb service.

N.E.E. also offers IT consultancy services to financial institutions. We have worked with companies such as JPMorgan, Fidelity Investments, and Merrill Lynch to provide a wide range of IT consulting and project development services. We have also worked with a number of major foreign companies that have sought American support and advisement.